Welcome to the *FURNACE and the ANVIL!* Here the “Golds and Diamonds” are reformed and reinforced… Tophas makes all her value-based impacts here. TOPHAS TRAINING is undoubtedly a desirable experience for any teacher who wants to move to the next level in the teaching profession.
We have an exquisite classroom – THE CARPENTER’S HUB, where our team of Certified Professionals delivers top teaching strategies capable of repositing teachers not only to adequately the classroom but also to be teachers of content and value with inestimable rewards for services and of great impact to the school. We can also guide you in the decision making process.
We are glad to introduce some of our master-classes to you:
SN Course Course Outline Duration
1 Classroom Entry Course .Phonics/Phonemic Awareness

.Effective Lesson Planning



4 weeks
2 Advanced Teaching Program Emotional Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence

Basic Child Psychology.



4 Weeks



Basic 4 Weeks
Advanced 9 Weeks
4 School / Classroom Supervision . Bloom taxonomy

. Classroom Observation Techniques


4 Weeks
5 School

Branding & Marketing Strategies

. School Brand Elements

. School Marketing Strategies.

. Parents Attraction Strategies.

. Parents Retention Strategy

. Digital Marketing Principles.

5 Weeks
5 School as a Business .Generating Revenues

. Budgeting

. Debt Recovery

4 Weeks
6 Activity-Based Montessori (age 2-4) . Mathematics

. Censorial

. Language

. Real Life

4 Weeks
7 Teachers & Computer Literacy Course. (Practical Class) . Micro-Soft Word

. PowerPoint

. Publisher

. Excel

. Internet Surfing, etc

4 Weeks
8 Teachers Personal Development  



4 Weeks
9 School Management & Administration. . Human Resource Management

. Education Administration

. Theory of organizational behavior

8 weeks


We also handle customized training. These training are the ones that school request for which are not among the courses listed above. If you need this kind of service, kindly fill the form below.