Having a page in Good Schools Magazine means, exposing your school to thousands of enlightened and well-doing parents who may happen to be your target market.

The major purpose of this publication is to give reputable schools maximum visibility in the eyes and hands of thousands of parents. The magazine records over 40,000 free downloads here and the hard copies are  distributed by The promise fast Food, Peperoni Fast Food, Hotels, ABC Transport, HappyBite , Big Treat, Cinema centers and other busy places in Nigeria.

our coverage is large, our contents are irresistible.

Here is our Subscription rate.

Slot Online Only (Soft Copy) Both Hard & Soft Copy
Back Cover N200,000 N300,000
Inside Back / Front Cover N100,000 N150,000
Centre Page (double) N80,000 N140,000
A Page N45,000 N80,000
Half Page N25,000 N50,000
Quarter Page N15,000 N30,000
Contact Listing N5,000 N7,000


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  1. You are to design your page as you want and send to tophasdesk@gamil.com
  2. The words must not be beyond 50% of the entire page. We prefer more photos and less words.
  3. A page is an ‘A4’ size.
  4. All pictures used in the design, must be very sharp.
  5. Our next edition will be out by next month.