Every level in life has its own maturity compatibility, and this compatibility has more to do with the development of the mind than the development of the brain.
In fact, those with developed minds do better in life than those with developed brains.
For the fact that a child is doing well in mathematics and English or in any other subject doesn’t mean he Is good enough to be pushed to the next academic level when he is not of age.
Basic conflict Resolution is not mathematics or English language, emotional intelligence is not physics or chemistry, self-awareness and self-management is not geography or economics… Etc.
Meaning, a child can be very good in classroom subjects yet very poor in real-life subjects, which are aided by maturity.
Sending a 9-year-old child to secondary school after jumping many classes is like giving a 12-year-old girl out for marriage simply because her reproductive organs are developed.
Yes, she can produce a child, but she can not raise a child, already she is still a child. She can’t manage her new environment very well, the trauma she will have will exceed the enjoyment part of marriage.
The question is, where are we rushing our kids to? Can’t they enjoy this childhood? 
I advise we go back to the national education policy on age.
Let your child complete the Nigerian Primary school system, which is the primary one to six.
Primary six is very important.

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