The dream of every parent is to see their children planted in a conducive learning environment, but the challenges have always been on how to locate such a school.

For the past five years, Tophas has helped hundreds of parents have quality learning places for their children. Good Schools magazine is one of the media where parents get to interact with reputable schools without moving from one school to the other. The magazine put together reputable schools and present them to parents for fast and quality decision making where necessary.

You need to be a 360% parent! Yes, it is not enough to enroll your child or ward in your preferred school. Be a tenacious parent. Get closer and more school magazine proffers a far reaching clue.

Apart from the regular curricular-reaching do you know the school of your children or wards? Yes, go for Good schools Magazine and get more information and impressions concerning the school. The school magazine is of much essence to every parent in various ways:

  1. To inform parents of the events of the school and what the students have been doing recently.
  2. To help parents have a better and wilder view of both the contents and values of the school.
  3. To impress parents and draw confidence on other parents who may see the school as outstanding and good place of learning for their own children.
  4. To help parents form a view on how and when to adjust with the school for the interest of the children.
  5. School Magazine could also be a source of inspiration to parents as information on good parenting could be shared.


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